World’s Oldest Bodybuilder Hits 90, Hits Gym and Workout


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There are people who do not compromise when it comes to maintaining their fitness. Those who are strict about exercise as well as diet. Now the social media is filled with the features of a fitness freak. He is the oldest body builder in the world.

Jim Arrington from America has become a star through the news. Jim has achieved a strong body through years of hard work.

In 2015, Jim got a place in the Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest bodybuilder. Jim was eighty-three at the time. Years later, even into his 90s, Jim Tarim did not back down when it came to fitness.

Jim is still actively participating in many bodybuilding competitions. IFBB recently held in Nevada. In the professional competition, he won the third position in the over-70 category and the first position in the over-80 category.

Jim says that he was born prematurely and his parents struggled to raise him. I used to get sick from time to time. He was suffering from severe asthma and his health was very poor. That’s how Jim decided to change his health and focus on fitness.

From the age of fifteen, he took up fitness and started weightlifting. The party also says that his dream was to become a superhero. Jim says that getting a place in the Guinness World Records opened up a whole new world for him and continues to motivate him to stay fit.

Jim Arrington last performed in a bodybuilding competition in 2022. At the age of 90, he has no plans to retire. Jim visits Gold’s Gym on Venice Beach: