Top Places To Rent Bed Space For Reasonable Prices In Dubai

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Looking for affordable bed space in Dubai, there are several areas that offer viable options for renters on a budget. International City is one of the most popular rental communities, thanks to the vast range of shared accommodations available at affordable prices as well as the diversity of residential clusters. Al Quoz is primarily an industrial area, but it also provides lower-cost housing options, including labor camps and basic accommodations, which are ideal for families and people on a budget. Dubai’s old city district, Deira, recently reopened to the public and has retained a fair amount of affordability and still offers apartments within residential buildings that can be shared.

Vacant Bed Space for Rent in Dubai’s Residence Areas

Finding affordable bed spaces in Dubai can be challenging due to the city’s reputation for luxury and high living costs. However, there are a few areas where you can find relatively more affordable options. Here are some suggestions

International City

International City is a neighborhood in Dubai that is known for its affordable housing options. It is located on the outskirts of the city and offers a diverse community of residents, including expatriates. International City consists of several clusters, each inspired by different countries, such as China, England, France, and others.

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Al Quoz

Al Quoz provides a range of budget-friendly accommodation options, including bed spaces in shared apartments or villas. These shared accommodAl Quoz is an attractive option for individuals looking for affordable bed spaces in Dubai, particularly those who are comfortable living in an industrial setting and appreciate the emerging arts and cultural scene. It’s advisable to explore different areas within Al Quoz and consider the specific facilities and transportation options available in each neighborhood to find the most suitable bed space for your needs.ations allow residents to split the cost of rent, making it more affordable for individuals on a budget.

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Deira is a bustling and vibrant neighborhood in Dubai, known for its traditional markets, historical sites, and diverse community. While it is a popular tourist destination, it also offers affordable housing options, including bed spaces. Here’s what you should know about renting affordable bed spaces in Deira



Naif is a bustling commercial area in Deira, known for its lively atmosphere and affordable accommodations. It is a popular choice for those seeking budget-friendly bed spaces. You can find shared accommodations in low-rise residential buildings or apartment complexes in this area.


Al Rigga

Al Rigga is another area in Deira that offers relatively affordable bed spaces. It is a vibrant neighborhood with a range of shopping options, restaurants, and cafes. Shared accommodations can be found in buildings or apartments within this area.


Al Murar

Al Murar is a residential area in Deira, located close to the Dubai Creek. It offers affordable housing options, including bed spaces in shared apartments or residential buildings. This area is known for its mix of traditional and modern architecture.

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Karama is a well-established residential neighborhood in Dubai that offers a mix of apartments and villas. It is known for its affordability, central location, and vibrant atmosphere. Renting a bed space in Karama can be a more budget-friendly option compared to some other areas in Dubai.

Karama is located in close proximity to Dubai’s central areas, making it convenient for commuting and accessing various amenities. It has good connectivity to major highways and public transportation, allowing for easy travel within Dubai.Karama is known for its diverse community, with residents from different nationalities and backgrounds. This creates a multicultural and vibrant atmosphere with a wide range of dining options, shopping centers, and cultural experiences.

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Discovery Gardens

Discovery Gardens is a residential community located in the southwestern part of Dubai. It is known for its affordable housing options and well-designed living spaces. If you are looking for an affordable bed space in Dubai, Discovery Gardens can be a good option

Discovery Gardens promotes a sense of community living. It provides opportunities for residents to connect with neighbors through various community events and social activities.he Ibn Battuta Metro Station is nearby, providing easy access to other parts of Dubai.upermarkets, cafes, and restaurants within the community. Parks, playgrounds, and sports facilities are also available for recreational activities.

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Down Town Dubai

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) known for its stunning architecture, luxury shopping, and vibrant lifestyle. It is one of the seven emirates that make up the UAE and is located on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula

  • Iconic Landmarks
    Dubai is home to numerous iconic landmarks that have become symbols of the city’s modernity and ambition. These include the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, the Palm Jumeirah, an artificial archipelago shaped like a palm tree, and the Burj Al Arab, a luxury hotel shaped like
  • Shopping and Entertainment
    Dubai is a shopper’s paradise, offering a wide range of luxury boutiques, malls, and traditional markets known as souks. Popular shopping destinations include the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, and the Gold Souk. The city also hosts various entertainment and cultural events, including Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai International Film Festival
  • Diverse Culture
    Dubai is a multicultural city with residents from all around the world. The city embraces diversity and offers a mix of cultural experiences, including art galleries, museums, and traditional performances. It is also known for its cuisine, with a wide variety of international restaurants and local Emirati dishes to explore.
  • Tourism and Hospitality
    Dubai attracts millions of tourists each year. It offers a range of tourist attractions, such as luxury resorts, desert safaris, water parks, and indoor ski slopes. The city also hosts major international events, including the Dubai World Expo.
  • Modern Infrastructure
    Dubai is renowned for its modern infrastructure and transportation systems. It has a well-developed road network, a modern metro system, and an international airport that serves as a major travel hub

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Jebel Ali

Jebel Ali, an industrial and residential area in the southwestern part of Dubai, offers relatively more affordable bed spaces. It is well-connected through public transport and has shared accommodations for those working in the area.

Jebel Ali benefits from its proximity to major transportation routes, including Sheikh Zayed Road and the Dubai Metro’s Red Line. This allows for easy accessibility to other parts of Dubai and facilitates commuting for residents.popular leisure destinations such as Dubai Parks and Resorts, which is home to theme parks like Motiongate Dubai

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