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Al Nahda is a locality in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) Located in eastern Dubai in Deira, Al Nahda forms part of Dubai's eastern border with the emirate of Sharjah. Portions of Al Nahda that flow north into the emirate of Sharjah fall within that emirate's jurisdiction.

Al Nahda, literally meaning The Awakening, is bordered to the south and east by Al Quasits, and to the west by Al Mazar. It is bounded to the north by route E 11 (Al Ijtihad Road) and to the south by a local road (204 Road). Al Nahda comprises two subcommunities — Al Nahda 1 and Al Nahda 2.

Like Muhaisanah, the community was originally carved out of the industrial areas of Al Quasits, but it has undergone extensive and mostly residential development in recent years. Landmarks include Dubai Women's College, Al Nahda Pond Park, Al Diyafa High School, Expo Centre Sharjah, Sahara Centre (the largest Mall in the Emirates of Sharjah), the Khalid Lake, Al Maja's Island, and the Mazar Beach Park.

Master bed room available in Al Nahda 1 Furnished Family Master Bedroom, Neat and Clean Apartment, Big room with balcony available for couples

Apartments for Rent in Al Nahda

Explore Apartments for Rent in Al Nahda 2, Al Nahda, Dubai on Find Furnished, Semi Furnished, Unfurnished. Verified Properties. Enquire Now Apartments for rent in Al Nahda Find the best offers for Properties for rent in Al Nahda. See the details of this apartment for rent in al nahda.

partition for rent in al nahda 1 dubai

If you're looking for a partition for rent in Al Nahda 1, Dubai, there are several options available. Al Nahda 1 is a popular residential area in Dubai, known for its proximity to schools, supermarkets, and shopping malls.

Many apartments in Al Nahda 1 have partitions available for rent. These partitions are essentially a smaller section of a larger apartment, separated by a wall or divider. They are a popular option for individuals who want to live in a specific area without paying the high rent of a full apartment.

Partition rentals in Al Nahda 1 typically come fully furnished, with access to common areas such as the kitchen and living room. Renters may also have access to amenities such as a gym or pool, depending on the building.

Prices for partitions in Al Nahda 1 vary depending on the size of the partition and the building's amenities. However, they are generally more affordable than renting a full apartment in the area.

Luxury Master Rooms Rent Al Nahda

Enjoy lavish living in one of our elegant master suites, which are offered for rent in the exclusive Al Nahda neighborhood. These beautifully crafted rooms exemplify elegance and provide an opulent haven for those looking for the best in high-end lodging. Modern conveniences and tasteful furniture surround each master bedroom, guaranteeing a luxurious and comfortable living. Situated in the center of Al Nahda, our rooms offer convenient access to several amenities such as upscale retail centers, upscale eating establishments, and entertainment centers. Take in the pinnacle of opulent living, where each and every element is expertly designed.

Family Rooms furnished Room Rent Al Nahda

family rooms in the friendly Al Nahda neighborhood are completely equipped and ready for you to find the ideal living space for your family. These well-appointed rooms provide a warm and welcoming ambiance, making your stay and the stays of your loved ones pleasant. Our family rooms, which are conveniently located in the middle of Al Nahda, offer a perfect balance between comfort and peace of mind.

You may live in a calm setting with quick access to a range of services, such as dining options, retail establishments, and leisure centers. Your family's demands are carefully considered in the design of each room, guaranteeing a hassle-free stay. form our equipped family rooms your home and experience the warmth and friendliness of Al Nahda, where you can form priceless memories

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