How to spend Eid Al Adha with family and friends that you’ll never forget – Eid Al Adha Celebration in Dubai – 2023


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Dubai: Most Muslims tend to spend most of the first day of Eid at home or at the home of relatives. During the next two days, Dubai comes alive as the city’s residents and visiting tourists – both Muslim and non-Muslim – go out and celebrate. The city springs to life with exciting activities, traditional dance performances, live music and special shows in all the major public areas across the city.

Eid Al Adha is a special occasion for Muslims around the world, and celebrating it with family and friends in Dubai can create unforgettable memories. Here are some ideas on how to spend Eid Al Adha in Dubai in 2023:
Remember, Eid Al Adha is a time of joy, gratitude, and togetherness. Focus on creating meaningful experiences and sharing quality time with your family and friends. Dubai offers a range of activities and attractions that can enhance the celebration and make it an unforgettable Eid Al Adha

Certainly! Here are some ideas on how to spend Eid Al Adha with family and friends in Dubai, creating unforgettable memories

  • Begin with Prayer
  • Dress in Traditional Attire
  • Exchange Gifts
  • Prepare a Special Breakfast
  • Enjoy a Desert Adventure
  • Attend Festive Events
  • Capture Memories

Expo City Ramadan Market


Ramadan festival at Expo City Dubai will offer glimpses into traditions of the holy month in the UAE and beyond. will run from  june 28 with the city promising a “true celebration of the holy month with an enchanting atmosphere, delicious food and exciting activities.


Dubai Parks and Resorts.

The attraction with multiple theme parks has created a line-up of events, from a light and dinosaur show to children’s programmes with freebies galore.

On june 28, Motiongate is launching Illuminate, a show featuring glowing lights and sounds at the Hollywood Theatre. It tells the story of a dancer who discovers the power of hope through a magical light. Dinosaur parade Dino Mania will also return to the venue on june 28

Dubai water parks

In Dubai, there are lots of sites to see and things to engage in to have fun. Due to Dubai’s fame as a tourist destination, there are many fantastic water parks where everyone can have fun with their families, friends, and individuals of all ages. This location draws several tourists worldwide each year, which adds to its adventure and excitement.

Eid Fireworks

Dubai firework displays are famous around the world for their scale, creativity and vibrancy.While displays in Dubai and Abu Dhabi tend to make the biggest headlines, there are massive shows at throughout the year.

IMG Worlds Of Adventure

The IMG Worlds of Adventure, known as the Crown Jewel of Dubai, features many spectacular buildings and structures possessing world records in their name for various reasons with a reputation of being the world’s largest temperature-controlled indoor-themed entertainment destination.

Miracle Garden

Get an opportunity to explore the Dubai Miracle Garden and unwind with the spectacular structures of over 150 million flowers and plants. With Dubai Miracle Garden tickets, you’ll be able to see the colorful paths that lead through this garden and smell the many exotic flowers.

Enjoy a Dinner Cruise

Cruise along the Dubai Marina, under the illuminated skyline of the city on this dinner cruise. Enjoy the views and sights of popular Dubai landmarks like the Cayan Tower, Marina Mall, and a man-made

Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall serves as the world’s largest mall, thriving with beauty.It covers 502,000 square meters with 1200 shops.

Indeed, the Dubai Mall is a stunning location for most individuals visiting the site.The complex beauty of the building has broken a few records over time.Moreover, it offers enough space for the 250-room luxury hotel, 120 restaurants, cafes, and an underwater zoo (Dubai Mall Aquarium). Not to mention the 22 cinema screens.

Dubai Crocodile Park

Dubai Crocodile Park, which has been long in the making, has finally opened its doors to the public after a long wait! There will be over 250 freshwater Nile crocodiles at the venue, and as such, it will be the ideal venue for animal lovers who wish to get up-close and personal with this amazing species. The park spans a massive 20,000 sq. m. and is rapidly becoming one of Dubai’s ”must-visits”. Our guide to the Crocodile Park in Dubai contains all the info you need to plan your visit

Take The Palm monorail

The Palm Monorail is the most iconic way to navigate across the Palm Jumeirah.
It is not a mere form of transportation; it’s an experiential journey to explore astonishing landmarks with every stop.

floating book fair dubai

Dubai is set to welcome back Logos Hope, the world’s largest floating book fair, after it set sail from Basra in Iraq on Friday and docked in Ras Al Khaimah.

Beach picnic

Jumeirah Beach is widely considered as one of the best excursion spots to visit in Dubai, and it can be translated into a paradise for beach lovers. Along its shores, the beach is studded with several malls and retail stores, which make it a great picnic spot in Dubai. Beaches like this draw tourists from far and wide

Global Village

Shopping, entertainment, and culture are all available at Global Village. Over 90 cultures can all be viewed in one place, so you can get a better understanding of them all. In the themed pavilions, you will find a variety of beautiful handicrafts from different countries, as well as delicious food that is representative of the culture of each country. You’ll also get to watch cultural performances as well as international music acts each night. Don’t miss out on all the carnival rides within the park too